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Online journals written by homeschoolers and readers of The Well-Trained Mind.

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The List

A Homeschool Journey

Academic Homeschooling

Aduladi’ & Co.

Adventures in Homeschooling Part IV

All About Homeschool Curriculum: The site for homeschool resources and encouragement.

Amy’s Humble Musings

And then they were five

Another Classical Homeschooler

Apollos Academy

Antarctic Dreams

At home, on fire

Autodidact 101: Self Education for the Beginner

A Bit of Bubbly

Blessed Country Mama

The Boonie Life

Brave Writer

Breakaway Christian Academy

The brew*crew adventure

Brooketopia: Homemaking, Homeschooling & Creativity

The Brothers H

Bubba’s House o’ Fine Learnin’

Candy 4WAY Phonics is Phonics 4 Ways

The Carty Party

Chartwell Academy and Pook’s Hill Nursery

Choosy Homeschooler

Classical Curriculum

Classless and Lovin’ It

Community Homeschooling

Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom

Crazy Everyday Blessings

Curious Minds

Educating Sarah

Educational Pathways

Effervescence: Family life, learning, and a dash of fun by an ‘afterschooling’ mom of 2 young boys.

Escuelita en Casa- Little Homeschool:This blog chronicles our family’s adventures of homeschooling while working as medical missionaries at home and abroad.

Farm Girl

Farm School

Fish in My Hair

Frontier Musings

Generation Cedar

A Glimpse of Our Life

God Has Answered

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Grassroots Homeschool

Grateful for Grace

Guiding Light Homeschool

Guilt-Free Homeschooling: Veteran homeschool mom’s testimony and advice for making

homeschooling guilt-free, successful, manageable, and glorifying to God.

Handmade Homeschool


Heart of the Matter

Help My Homeschool

Higher Education

HMS Indefatigable

Hoerner Home: School for Girls

Holy Experience: One mother’s journey of educating her children

Home educating a patch of little puddles…

Homegrown Learners

Homepreschool and Beyond

Homeschool Bytes

The Homeschool Chronicles: Reflections on Homeschooling, Parenting, and Life

Homeschool Entrepreneur

Homeschool For Two


Homeschooling: Or Who’s Ever Even Home

Homeschooling Above Water

Homeschooling for a Global Future

Homeschooling the Doctorate

Home School Loft

Home School Math

Homeschool Monkey

Homeschool & Other Education Stuff: A libertarian-leaning edu-blog

Homeschool Well

Home Schooling Works


House of Literature Bookmobile

I Have to Say

In Everything…

Inspirational Parenting

In the Kitchen

In Which …


Intentional Mom

Janie’s Seasonal Soundings

Keeping the Home

Kitchen Table Learners

Last in Line

Laurel Springs School

Layers of Learning

Lazy Susie

Learning Abled Kids

Learning & Fun Online for Kids

Learning Our Way

Learning Treasures

Learning Without School

The Lee Family: A military family homeschooling in Sicily, Italy

Librarian Lou

Life at the Academy

Live Outside the Lines and Share the Story

Mama Archer’s Blog

Mama Know Best

Mater Magistra

Melissa Wiley

Mental Multivitamin: A daily “un-blog” for readers, thinkers, and autodidacts

Milk and Cookies

Minding Our Manners


The Mommy Writer


My Children’s Teacher

My Domestic Church

The New Homemaker

Nose in a Book

Our Curious Home

Our Homeschool Adventure

House of Joyful Noise: Creatively Living Out Loud, Until Kingdom Come…

Our Side of the Mountain

Outside the Box Homeschooling

Pea Pilly Bean

Percival Blakeney Academy

Percytruffle’s Place

Preschoolers and Peace

Psalm 127

Public School Teacher Gone Homeschooling Mama

Quaint Scribbles

Quiet Life: Homeschooling, homemaking, homebody.

Read Engage

Redefining Paradise

Reforming Hearts

Sandy’s Blog

Satori Smiles

SCHOLA: Secular Homeschoolers’ Odyssean Learning Adventure

School @ Home: Our adventures in homeschooling

School of Aletheia

Seeking to Glorify

Seventeen Hills Academy

Shades of White

Skipping Sideways:   “Ramblings, musings and refusal to conform to a fallen world”

The Smarter Preschooler and their blog:Unlocking Your Child’s Intellectual is for parents who want provide an enriched environment for their youngster without formal preschool. Written by Christian homeschooling parents.

Snow Lion Academy

Soli Deo Gloria: Homeschooling our kids for the glory of God

SouthForte Farms

Starlight Ink

Starts At Eight

The Sunny Patch

The Tate School

The Teacher’s Pet is a Pugalier

Teach Your Children Well

The Thinking Mother

Thoughtful Spot

Thoughts of a Home

Three Plus Two

Training Happy Hearts

Training Our Minds

Usborne Books

Veronica Boulden

Vocabulary Blog

Welcome to Planet Harris

What Wonderous Love is this: a journal of our family homeschool journey as information on Christian Homeschool Support Services of south-central PA

Whimsy Way, House of Learning and Play

Why Homeschool

Writer Mom

Writing, Homeschooling, Living

The Work of Childhood offers a blog for homeschooling families with curriculum guides for pre-kindergarten among many other resources.

A Zoo Full of Boys

Zoo Mom Science

The Fine Print

What’s a blog? Blogs are, essentially, online journals. They allow people with little-to-no knowledge of computer programming to have a website where they can publish their thoughts, link to articles they like, and chronicle their lives. The descriptions after some of the blog titles above give a bit of insight into the nature and content of the blog.

Caveat lector: The links on this page are, obviously, to external sites and journals. We are providing links so that you can see fleshed-out lives of home educators: their ups and downs, their successes and struggles, the curricula they like and dislike. They show that homeschoolers are three-dimensional, real, honest-to-(mostly)-goodness people. Recognize, as you visit these pages, that we aren’t responsible for the content on the blogs. If someone writes a negative post about an author or curriculum you happen to like, please don’t complain to us about it. The blog might have a “comments” section where you can write your own thoughts. Then again, it might not. The nature of blogs is such that authors write about sensitive and “hot” topics, including politics, religion, education, and the like. If there’s a blog posted here that you feel is seriously offensive, please e-mail the WTM Webmaster (see the address above), with the URL of the blog and the post or issue in question, and we’ll look into it. We won’t remove a link just because the blog is argumentative or contentious. The blog author would prefer that you post your suggestions, complaints, or encouragement on their blog, as it generates discussion.

Joining the ranks: If you would like to start your own blog, visit Blogger or, if you’re more comfortable with HTML and whatnot, we recommend WordPress.

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