Workshops & Handouts

Choose from these convention workshops and examine our handouts. MP3s of most of these talks are available from Peace Hill Press.

Jessie Wise

If I Could Do It Over Again
First Language Lessons
Essential, Efficient, Encouraging Education
The Good Reader

Susan Wise Bauer

Home Schooling the Real Child
The Well-Prepared Student: Middle School (Getting Ready for High School): The Well-Prepared Student Middle School
The Well-Prepared Student: High School (Getting Ready for College): The Well-Prepared Student HS (general college readiness)
What Is Literary Analysis? (and When to Teach It)
Teaching Students to Work Independently (or download the PDF: Move Towards Independence)
How To Read a Book (With Apologies to Mortimer Adler)
Overview and Introduction to Classical Education: Joy of Classical Intro.ppt
Academic Excellence, Grades K-4
Academic Excellence, Grades 5-8
Preparing for College Admissions (more narrowly focused on academics)
A Plan for Teaching Writing, K-12
Logic for the Intuitive
The Great Books: History as Literature
Educating Ourselves as We Educate Our Children:Educating ourselves
What Is History?

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