Workshops & Handouts

Choose from these convention workshops and examine our handouts. MP3s of most of these talks are available from Peace Hill Press.

Susan Wise Bauer

Home Schooling the Real Child
Burning Out: Why It Happens and What to Do About It
The Well-Prepared Student: Middle School (Getting Ready for High School): The Well-Prepared Student Middle School
The Well-Prepared Student: High School (Getting Ready for College): The Well-Prepared Student HS (general college readiness)
What Is Literary Analysis? (and When to Teach It)
Teaching Students to Work Independently (or download the PDF: Move Towards Independence)
How To Read a Book (With Apologies to Mortimer Adler)
Overview and Introduction to Classical Education: Joy of Classical Intro.ppt
Academic Excellence, Grades K-4
Academic Excellence, Grades 5-8
Preparing for College Admissions (more narrowly focused on academics)
A Plan for Teaching Writing, K-12
Logic for the Intuitive
The Great Books: History as Literature
Educating Ourselves as We Educate Our Children:Educating ourselves
What Is History?

Jessie Wise

If I Could Do It Over Again
First Language Lessons
Essential, Efficient, Encouraging Education
The Good Reader

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