Taking a creativity break.

Gentle Readers, if there is ever going to be a finished History of the Renaissance World, I need to concentrate on history and nothing else…at least long enough to get a feel for the sweep of the whole thing. Thirty days might not be quite enough, but it will help. So I’m taking a blog/Twitter/Facebook/Google+ break until October 12.

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with this blog in any case (you might have noticed) so will also be using that time to strategize how to provide you with stuff worth reading.

Check back in on October 12…and see how far I’ve gotten!

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4 Responses to Taking a creativity break.

  1. Juanita says:

    I’m looking forward to the History of the Renaissance World so hope you have a profitable month.

    On a totally unrelated note, I went into a homeschooling store last week for the first time in years. I couldn’t help but notice that apparently your “Well-Trained Mind” title has travelled far – I saw the “Well-Guided Highschooler” and several other Well-trained Mind knockoffs. That’s probably not something you envisioned happening when you titled your books!

  2. Wendy Irvine says:

    Sharpen-the-saw all you like. I think your brain is fabulous — take it to Hawaii, whatever it needs.

    A topic I’m hoping you’ll address at some point: raising teenagers in a homeschool environment. My boys are just eight, but I hear horror story after horror story about teens in general. And I keep hoping that the homeschool environment will make the difference.

    Since you’ve raised teens and homeschooled too — I’d love to hear the up’s and down’s of those years.

    In your spare time.

  3. abdulghaniy says:

    Hope to see more of your posts in the nearest future God’s willing.
    Perhaps you could give us a post on how to utilise time on a daily basis
    as an homeschooling parent.
    Thanks a million for your wonderful works.

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