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The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, one of the most respected magazines for homeschooling families, said this about the updated and revised edition of The Well-Trained Mind: “An incredible source of encouragement and achievable goals and consider it a staple in our homeschool.” Another reviewer for their magazine, Anne Weiland, noted, “This revised and updated edition will become a friend to any parent interested in classical education.”

Nobody can highlight the benefits of The Well-Trained Mind better than its readers. These reviews are from the readers’ commentaries at

What Our Readers say:

“a clear and compelling case for homeschooling and for classical education”
When we decided last year to try homeschooling, I checked out every book on the subject from our public library. After I had read all of them, a friend recommended The Well Trained Mind. It was by far the best book of all that I read. It presents a clear and compelling case for homeschooling and for classical education. The authors lay out, in the clearest possible fashion, a blueprint for classical education and a framework for building it. They explain what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, WHY – all important to a novice like me.

— Karen from Georgia

“a treasure trove of classical education philosophy and suggestions for implementation”
This book is a treasure trove of classical education philosophy and suggestions for implementation. … The Well Trained Mind lays out for you a wonderful blueprint to follow. … It shows how to use the western world’s “great books”, those that have endured the test of time and speak to the human condition. Following the pattern laid out in the book your children will receive an education that will give them a deep understanding of who we are and where we’ve come from. … We have implemented much of the program this past year and my children have all made great strides academically, even though they have various learning styles and abilities. They have loved the organization and pulling together of history, literature,art and science in a systematic way that makes sense. They have even loved learning Latin ! The task of setting forth a classical education may seem daunting but The Well Trained Mind gives you both the “WHY”S” and suggestions for the “HOW’S”. It provides guidence and a well thought out model to follow. I refer to it constantly. Our homeschool experience is so much richer for it. If you’re just getting started in classical homeschooling this is a must read.

— William P. Blencowe from Clinton, CT

“the kind of book that you will return to again and again”
This is the kind of book that you will return to again and again. It is the one book you need through the years. I use it as a guide for when I purchase my curriculum. It has saved me a lot of money in the fact that I didnt have to buy a lot of extra curriculum that was not needed for my child at her age. If you love to read to your child or love to learn through literature this is the approach to homeschooling for you.

— a reader from Ringwood, NJ

“nothing is left unanswered”
With the vast amount of literature advising homeschool curriculums on the market, choosing one can be overwhelming. This mother daughter duo meet the challenge. They not only tell you how to do it but a list of resources support their theories. Nothing is left unanswered.

— a reader from Silver Spring, MD

“most intelligently written book on this topic I know”
Once I started reading The Well Trained Mind, I couldn’t put it down. Wow — what an excellent resource. I had decided to begin homeschooling my children (who were at the time enrolled in public school) and had some ideas in my mind about things I liked or didn’t like education-wise. I had researched the subject by way of internet, reading other books on the subject, and talking to friends who homeschool, but still didn’t have as clear of a “direction” as I wanted to have. I borrowed The Well Trained Mind from a friend, and ended up buying my own copy. It put into words and practice what I wanted for my children’s education. I found it to be the most practical, intelligent, and thorough book/resource on home education I’ve seen so far. Too many books (that I’d seen anyway) waste “book space” on putting down the public school system or spreading anti-government propaganda, something I find annoying and useless in my pursuit of providing the best possible education for my kids! The Well Trained Mind provided for me an understanding of the theory behind classical education, very useful recommendations of curriculums/educational material/resources, techniques and approaches for teaching each subject area for every grade level, and a flexible “plan” on how to put it all together. I only wish everyone could receive an education like the one outlined in this book. I’ve lent the book to a number of friends (it’s on lend even now) who have all been inspired by it — whether for homeschooling or just supplementing a public school education. I jokingly refer to this book as my “education Bible” — and to the authors as my academic heroes. I may glean from other resources, but I keep returning back to this one.

— Jill Boman from Okanogan, WA
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