Classical education as cutting-edge trend

Julia Duin’s article in the Washington Post about classical education as cutting-edge trend: “The classical vision is about introducing our students to the true, the good, the beautiful.”

Listen to Duin interviewed on NPR’s “Tell Me More”:

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  1. This is very reassuring to me as a mom of an 8yo girl because, as much as I’m glad to have the opportunity to give her a classical education, I worry that she won’t have any real peers when she becomes an adult. I hate that that sounds elitist to say, but I worry that she’ll have abilities that her friends, or even her employers, won’t understand and therefore won’t value.

  2. karensk says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Susan! It’s great that more schools are seeing the value (and reaping the benefits) of a classical education. I hope it continues to spread. I didn’t receive a classical education in my childhood. But thankfully, I’ve had the luxury of receiving some classical education as a homeschool mom, having implemented a number of your suggestions for literature and history. I am totally glad I did it…mainly for my children’s sake, but also for myself. I can hardly believe the vast quantities of awesome stuff that has dropped off of most schools’ curricula!

    The part about asking questions was really good, too (e.g., “Is it beautiful?”). Training students how to ask the right questions and then seek and find the answers on their own is an important skill, and I’m glad to see this highlighted in the article as well as in your materials.

    Looking forward to hearing you speak in Houston (SETHSA)!
    Karen K.

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