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This document contains the following sections:
The Internet Abbreviations section contains links to sites with abbreviations, acronyms, and terms commonly used in the general Internet community.
The Emoticons (Smileys) section contains links to sites with emoticon definitions.

The Home School Abbreviations section has abbreviations, acronyms, and terms used on the Well-Trained Mind boards, but not commonly used in the general Internet community.

One abbreviation of particular note is “nt” which stands for “no text“. If the subject line of your message contains the entire content of your message, please append “nt” to your subject line so that readers will know that there isn’t more content to your message in the message section. Those with slow Internet connections especially appreciate this. Note: You will actually have to put some text in the message section (usually just “nt” again) in order to submit the message.

The information in this document was originally based on abbreviations from, expanded by SWB, and then further expanded with input from Board users.

Home School Abbreviations

Abbreviation Definition
100EL “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons,” a reading instruction book
ACE “Accelerated Christian Education”
ACT “American College Test,” standardized test for entrance to some colleges and universities
ADHD “Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder”
ADD “Attention-Deficit Disorder,” (ADHD is now preferred)
AFT “American Federation of Teachers,” a large association of schoolteachers (NOT the same as the larger NEA), functioning as a labor union in states that permit collective bargaining
AG “Analytical Grammar” or “Activity Guide”
ANWOA “A New World of Adventure”
AO “Alpha Omega,” a Christian curriculum publisher
ASL “American Sign Language”
ATAWA “A Trip Around the World”
ATIA “Advanced Training Institute” (Bill Gothard)
ATTA “All Through the Ages”
AWOA “A World of Adventure”
B4FIAR “Before Five In a Row,” preschool literature-based curriculum
BBOB “Big Book of Books”
BBOP “Big Book of Projects”
BF “Beautiful Feet,” a Christian curriculum publisher
BFIAR “Beyond Five-in-a-Row,” upper elementary literature-based curriculum, ages 8-12
BITM “Blessed is the Man”
BJ, BJU, BJUP “Bob Jones University Press,” a Christian curriculum publisher
BTS “Building Thinings Skills,” published by The Critical Thinking Company
CBD “Christian Book Distributors,” mail-order book retailer in Pennsylvania
CC “Classical Composition”
CCC “Christ-Centered Curriculum,” a Christian curriculum
CGC “Considering God’s Creation,” a Christian science curriculum
CLE “Christian Light Education”
CLP “Christian Liberty Press,” a Christian curriculum publisher
CM “Charlotte Mason,” 19th-century British educator; her theories
CPM “college preparatory materials”
CS “Christian school”
CW “Classical Writing”
DG “Daily Grams”
DK “Dorling Kindersley”
EA “Exploring America”
EEaH “Early Education at Home”
EFTTC “English for the Thoughtful Child,” elementary grammar text
EG “Easy Grammar”
ETC “Explode the Code,” series of phonics workbooks
FAR “Far Above Rubies,” Christian high school unit study curriculum for girls
FIAR “Five In A Row,” lower elementary grades literature-based curriculum, ages 4-8
FIIR, FIR “For Instruction In Righteousness,” a Doorpost product
FLL “First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind”
FUFI “Further Up and Further In” (Narnia study)
GCB “Great Christian Books,” mail-order/retail bookstore in Maryland
GSA “Great Science Adventures”
GTG “Galloping the Globe”
GWG “Growing With Grammar
GWS “Growing Without Schooling,” the oldest home schooling magazine
HBJ “Harcourt, Brace & Javonovich,” secular curriculum publisher
HEM “Home Education Magazine”
HM “Houghton Mifflin,” a curriculum publisher
HMSC “home school” (HMSC is useful as HS may be ambiguous)
HMSCing “home schooling”
HMSCer “home schooler”
HOP “Hooked on Phonics,” a commercial reading instruction curriculum
HOW “Heart of Wisdom”
HS “home school” or “high school”
HSing “home schooling”
HSer “home schooler” or “high schooler”
HSLDA “Home School Legal Defense Association”
HWT “Handwriting Without Tears”
IBLP “Institute Biblical Life Principles” (Bill Gothard)
IEP “Individualized Education Plan,” mandated for students in some categories by federal law, intended for all students under some planned implementations of outcome-based education
IEW “Institute for Excellence in Writing”
ILL “Intermediate Language Lessons”
IRA “International Reading Association,” an organization of persons involved in reading instruction in schools
ISP “independent student program” (note that in the general Internet community, ISP is a common abbrevation for “Internet service provider”)
ITBS “Iowa Test of Basic Skills,” a standardized achievement test given to schoolchildren, much like the Stanford Achievement Test
JAG “Junior Analytical Grammar”
KAH “Training our Daughters to be Keepers At Home,” same as TOD
KF “Kingfisher,” a publisher
KOTF “Keepers of the Faith”
LA “Learning Adventures” or “Language Arts”
LC “Latina Christiana”
LC1 “Latina Christiana I”
LC2 “Latina Christiana II”
LD “learning disabled”
LFBC “Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum”
LFC “Latin for Children”
LGTW “Learning Grammar Through Writing,” the grammar supplement to LLATL
LIA “Life in America”
LLATL, LLAL “Learning Language Arts Through Literature,” language arts curriculum using excerpts from literature as the foundation for all aspects of language
LMS “Listen My Son,” a Christian unit study curriculum for high school boys
LOL “Lifestyle of Learning,” a free monthly newsletter discussing the topics in WWOL (note that in the general Internet community, LOL is a VERY common abbreviation for “laughing out loud” and more)
MCP “Modern Curriculum Press,” a curriculum publisher
MFW “My Father’s World”
MkMM “Making Math Meaningful,” a commercial mathematics curriculum, not to be confused with the one below with the almost identical name
MMdM “Math Made Meaningful,” a commercial mathematics curriculum, not be confused with the one above with the almost identical name
MME “Math Made Easy”
MMM “Making Math Meaningful” or “Math Made Meaningful”, two DIFFERENT commercial mathematics curricula, with almost identical names. Use MkMM or MMdM instead of MMM to be clear.
MOH “Mystery of History”
MOTH “Managers of Their Homes”
MUS “Math-U-See,” a commercial mathematics curriculum
MWM “Moving With Math”
NAEP “National Assessment of Education Progress,” a testing program in reading, writing, math, and science conducted by ETS for the federal government
NCTE “National Council of Teachers of English,” a professional association that has established guidelines for English curricula
NCTM “National Council of Teachers of Mathematics,” a professional association that has established guidelines for math curricula
NEA “National Education Association,” founded in the 19th Century, now the largest association of schoolteachers, functioning as a labor union in states that permit collective bargaining
NHEN “National Home Education Network”
NL “newsletter”
nt “no text,” the subject line contains the entire message
OBE “outcome-based education,” a program of purported school reform (variously described as principally a management reform or principally a curriculum reform) already mandated in several states, in experimental implementation in various places
OPG, OPGTR, TOPG, TOPGTR “The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading”
PL “Prima Latina”
PLL “Primary Language Lessons”
PP “Prairie Primer,” unit-study curriculum based on the Little House series of books
PS “public school”
PSS “public school system”
R&S “Rod & Staff,” a Christian curriculum publisher
RGAA “Remembering God’s Awesome Acts”
RGCC “Remembering God’s Chosen Children”
RME “Reading Made Easy”
RR “Reading Reflex”
RS “Rainbow Science”
RS4K “RealScience for Kids”
SAT (1) “Scholastic Aptitude Test,” a test used for college entrance published by Educational Testing Service

(2) “Stanford Achievement Test,” an achievement test used in primary and secondary grades to evaluate student progress

Saxon “Saxon Publishers”, a secular math, science, and phonics curriculum publisher
SE “Simply English”
SG “Simply Grammar”
SL “Sonlight,” a home school curriculum
SM “Singapore Math”
SN “Simply Numbers”
SOS “Switched on Schoolhouse” from AO
SOT “School of Tomorrow” (was ACE)
SOTW “Story of the World”
SOW “Student of the Word”
SP “Simply Phonics”
SSRW “Sing Spell Read & Write,” phonics and reading program
SV “Steck-Vaughn,” a secular curriculum publisher
SWB “Susan Wise Bauer”, co-author of TWTM
SWR “Spell to Write and Read”
TATRAS “Teach America To Read And Spell”
TH “Teaching Home,” a home schooling magazine
TOD “Training Our Daughters to Be Keepers at Home,” a Christian curriculum with a home economics emphasis
TOG “Tapestry of Grace”
TUAC “Train Up A Child,” both a book and a listserv, although one has nothing to do with the other
US “Unit Studies”
USB “Usborne”
VP “Veritas Press”
WEM, TWEM “The Well-Educated Mind”
WRTR “Writing Road to Reading”
WTM, TWTM “The Well-Trained Mind”
WWOL “Wisdom’s Way of Learning,” a book by Marilyn Howshall
YRS “year-round schooling”

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